Welcome to the Healthy Leaders Academy and your journey to becoming a Healthy Leader.  We would like you to have the best experience; this brief introduction is designed to assist you in how you approach your journey.

The content is designed for both individual and group use. An individual can use it to personally reflect on each of the modules, moving at your own pace between each of the four core elements – culture, nutrition, mental and physical health. We would always recommend that culture is a good starting point; however, this may not reflect your personal point of interest which may be nutrition or any one of the other topics.  Needless to say, the choice is yours; be methodical and work your way through each of the modules before moving on – this will maximise your understanding and prevent any confusion on your journey.

The group process is not much different – in principle – the main difference being the existence of a manager of group facilitator.  For consistency, we will only refer to a facilitator.  Groups need to be workable in size; in other words, large enough to meet the needs of the company (you may be putting many people through the programme), but small enough to enable open discussion and debate.  Subject to the experience of the facilitator that could be between 4 and 10 colleagues.

Our recommended route for groups is to start first with the culture pack and work your way through the first simple steps. The facilitator needs to ensure that those attending the programme need space to think and respond to the content – some people are less forthcoming with their opinions than others and will need to be encouraged.  This is an important role for the facilitator; particularly if there are specific development needs within the group.

As with all things, the greatest benefit will be the actions that are taken due to the learning/understanding attained due to the content of the Healthy Leaders Academy programme; we therefore strongly recommend that action notes are taken during the process.  It is important to accept that some of the actions required may be particularly challenging to implement – please don’t let this hold you back – you will be forming new habits which tend to challenge current customs and practices – all part of the growth cycle!

We will continue to add new modules and content to the Healthy Leaders Academy; ensuring its relevance and value to you on this continuous journey.

Move at your own pace; revisit modules and build your familiarity with each topic.  We always encourage further research; so please feel free to read around each topic.  Adopting different habits is never easy so spend a few months on each phase to get it right, before moving on. Each stage should bring both material and attitudinal benefits so patience can be rewarding.

Enjoy your journey.

Philip 😊