The Healthy Leaders programme is a self-guided experience, enabling you to move at your own pace and at times, suitable to your personal commitments.  Each module is designed to be used individually or by a group of managers or senior influencers. It may take 60-90 minutes, making the modules suitable for an extended lunchtime. Or, if you are working on your own or small groups 45mins to an hour.

The key objective is to achieve an understanding of the subject and its relevance to you or your organisation, at an individual or team level.  At the end of most slides there will be a question for debate or time to set aside for reflection.  If you are working in a team, please ensure that all participants contribute.

Pay particular attention at the end of the session to determining the key learning points that the group have picked up, both individually and collectively.

Finally determine what actions will be taken as a consequence of the session with timings and responsibilities clearly allocated.  If you are working on your own, aim to set specific goals and objectives based on your new learning.

The facilitator of the meeting should not overprepare or dominate proceedings. One of the key objectives of the exercise is to imbue each participant with a sense of ownership. This can only be achieved by healthy and constructive dialogue.