About the Programme

The Healthy Leaders Academy has a clear objective – the integration of good physical, mental and nutritional health set within the context of a healthy cultural environment; leading to improved productivity and performance.  Time taken to learn and understand about these four critical cornerstones, will be time well spent, as you build your knowledge and understanding and perhaps challenge your current thinking on the way.  As you go through the process, you will encounter the distillation of decades of experience presented in an accessible way; reducing time pressure and the need to hunt through reams of text, the philosophy of the Healthy Leaders Academy, is to ensure that we bring you that important blend of current thinking and practical experience.  The ultimate end goal being that you will improve your overall personal and/or team productivity and performance whilst ensuring that you do not compromise your selfcare, the care of your team, or your organisation. Healthy Leaders are leading the way; enjoy becoming a Healthy Leader.

Philip J Dyer
Founder Healthy Leaders Academy