Physical health means different things to different people and is heavily influenced by your background, life experience (good and bad) and the company that you keep.  For some it may represent their ability to walk from A to B, and for others their ability to run an ultra marathon within a fixed time – neither is right or wrong, better or worse; they both represent a life choice.  And there perhaps is where the problem of physical health lies – in the expectation that you may have to do some serious physical training to be classified and as physically healthy.

The words “exercise” and “gym” in the same sentence can elicit fear or abject boredom in many people; this may explain why there is so much resistance to exercise; echoes of memories of the bad experiences had at school or acknowledging that you are not the athletic type!


  • An Introduction to Physical Health

  • Lifestyle Choices

  • Goal Setting

  • Movement

  • Physical Activity

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